The short life and fast and efficient growth makes the squid much more resilient to fishing pressure than other species. Therefore, the stocks are capable of rapid recovery from possible fluctuating conditions.

To produce CalaMarine® we use trimmings from of production of squid. This way Pharma Marine is helping to increase the use of underutilized biomass and therefore giving a value to parts of the squid that were previously not used.

Squid is mainly caught at night using barbless hooks or jigs after being attracted to the surface using bright lights. This is a highly targeted method allowing for almost zero by-catch of other species than the one being targeted. This is possible because the squid is very greedy. The smaller squid usually stays away so it doesn’t get eaten by the bigger squids. This fishing method is also very good for the marine environment since there is no touching of the ocean floor or coral reefs.


Friend of the Sea

CalaMarine® is certified by Friend of the Sea which is a non-profit organization whose mission is the conservation of the marine habitat. The products and their origins are audited onsite by independent international certification bodies. Friend of the Sea is present worldwide and more than 300 companies have their products certified to prove that the origin of their products is produced from sustainable fisheries.

To be certified by Friend of the Sea means – amongst other things- that the fisheries will not overexploit the fish stock, have a low limit for discarding fish remains as well as clear rules for waste management. When using the Friend of the Sea certification you are contributing to the health of oceans by assessing and promoting sustainable fishing practices. This is a clear preference and basic philosophy of Pharma Marine.


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