Calamarine - healthy for the planet

Research shows that marine omega-3 is an important nutrient that can significantly improve our health status. Unfortunately, the world`s oceans, the primary souce of marine omega-3 are not in a healthy state. Many fish species are in decline and the marine eco-system is being negatively altered by human activity. 
Photo: Wikipedia
Mr. Ban; United Nations Secretary General expressed as follows on World`s Oceans Day, June 9 th 2011; "...many severe challenges are related to oceans. These range from depleted fishery resources, the impacts of climate change and the detoriation of the marine environment..." All activities and policies related to oceans and the marine environement need to acknowledge and incorporate the three pillars of sustainable development; environmental, social and economic.  Only then can we achieve the development objectives set by international community. I urge governments and all sectors to embrace our individual and collective responsibility to protect the marine environment and manage its resources in a sustainable manner for present and future generations. " 
The Calamarine line of Omega-3 ingredients are derived from an abundant, uniquely sustainable marine source - squid - belonging to the family Ommastrephidae. Calamari or squid is a popular delicacy enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Much of the calamari harvested for human consumption does not make it to the market, but is discarded as "cut offs" during food preparation. The material left over from the preparation of calamari is abundant in high quality omega-3, particularly docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Pharma Marine of Norway produces Calamarine ingredient to exceed European and global quality standards; made in what is considered one of the most ecologically friendly production facilities in Norway.