Questions and answers

How is Calamarine® ingredients different from fish oils?

First of all, the  Calamarine® oil is not made from fish, but from the by-products of food grade squid.

In which food do we find most DHA?

Seafood typically contain significantly more DHA than EPA.

Why are traditional omega-3 oils from fish higher in EPA than DHA?

Traditional omega-3 supplements from fish has been dominated by EPA due to the fact that anchovies for feed production yielded high quantities of oil more rich in EPA than DHA.

What ratio of EPA/DHA does seafood consumption in general provide?

At least two to one DHA to EPA.


Can EPA and DHA requirement be met by vegetable omega-3 products?

EPA requirments can be met, but very little DHA is made from vegetable omega-3 products.

Is there any EPA in Calamarine® products?

Yes, but the content of DHA is always higher than EPA.

What is Friend of the Sea?

Friend of the Sea is an independent, non-profit organization working with certification of sustainable seafood from fisheries and aquaculture all around the world.

Why is the fishery of squid more eco-friendly?

The fishery of squid is more eco-friendly because it is primarely conducted using unbaited barbless hooks that do not come in contact with the seabed or fragile coral reefs and therefor has no impact on marine environment.

How is Calamarine® sustainable?

The fisheries and product range of Calamarine as well as the company manufacturing the oil complies with the criterias of sustainability set by Friend of the Sea being among others; raw materials from non-overexploited fisheries, use of non-GMO materials, use of trimmings from food production, social accountability, traceablility.

What are the benefits of DHA?

Why DHA is essential to good health

DHA contributes to maintenance of normal vision, brain function, and blood triglyserides.

I have been told that DHA is important for the eyes, please explain?

In large populations studies it has been shown that even low levels of DHA (250 mg/day) was assosiated with a 50 % reduction in the development of age related macular degeneration(ARMD). (Blurred vision due to pathological change in the macula, the yellow spot on the retina)

What does it mean that DHA is an essential fatty acid?

DHA belongs to the omega-3 family, a group of fatty acids that cannot be syntezied by the human body, and intake of omega-3 is therefore essential.

Why is the ratio between EPA and DHA important?

An adequate intake of DHA is essential, and therefore, even intake of recommended omega-3 dose (total) may not provide sufficient DHA if the ratio of DHA to EPA is low.

What is the typical ratio of EPA and DHA in our bodies?

The ratio of EPA to DHA is about 1/3-1/4 in breast milk and blood. In the eye and brain, DHA is abundant and whereas EPA is virtually absent.

What is the recommended daily dose of Calamarine®?

As Calamarine is a source of marine omega-3, the best advice would be to look for your country`s recommendations for dosage of EPA and DHA. GOED has an overview of some recommended dosages throughout the world; see:


What should I look for when choosing an omega-3 product on the shelf?

The best omega-3 supplements for our bodies should offer  marine source of EPA and DHA and content  of DHA should be higher than EPA.

Where is Calamarine® produced?

Calamarine is manufactured by Pharma Marine AS, in a state-of -the-art production facility, on the west coast of Norway, near Ålesund, a region where marine oil refining dates back more than 130 years.

How is Calamarine® oil produced?

The Calamarine oil from the trimmings of squid is further refined and purified using patent pending, gentle processing technology in a state-of -the-art production facility. The technology and processes involved include cold filtration, organic filtration, patent pending detoxification and concentration methods.